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Make a wish

I think about you at this time of the summer. When we would celebrate our birthdays together – one cake for the Lions. Leos by sign, laughers by nature. The giggles fell out of our mouths faster than we could recover. Often having to leave the room, averting eyes, just to catch our breath.

Days before and days long after, you live here, in my memory. Making my eyes moist, and me wonder, when I’ll see you again. Enough birthdays without you have passed that I understand there is no getting over you. You just get used to the feeling. The feeling of missing someone.

I will fight the feeling of sadness that I want to swim in, let cover me and take over, because they bring you back. At least for a little while, it feels like you are here again. I will remind myself of all the happiness that remains. I will blow out the candles and make a wish for both of us, and I will try and remember nothing but the laughter. Always the laughter.